Geir Ness “Personal Touch” at Anixter Center

Geir Ness hand massage

Geir Ness hand massage

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Anixter Staff with Geir Ness

Anixter Staff with Geir Ness

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Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.
C. Neil Strait

This quote reflects an inspiration that prompts Geir Ness to give back to the community.  On June 4, Geir Ness stopped in the windy city and carved out a couple hours out of his busy schedule to visit the AnixterCenter, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Chicago area serving people with disabilities.

People may know that Geir Ness is a Norweigian fragrance and handbag designer but most people don’t know Geir Ness is a trained  masseur During Geir’s visit the center’s clients were treated to relaxing hand massages. Each hand massage was applied with Laila’s hand cream which contains vitamins A and E, aloe vera, and honey extracts. Ten Anixter clients benefitted from Geir’s hand massages.  As a special bonus each guest received a sampling of gifts which included Geir Ness’s Laila products and a personalized Geir Ness autographed photo. It was an uplifting experience for the visitors and staff as well as Geir Ness. When Geir Ness stops at a city for his trunk/trend shows and personal appearances, he makes it a point to visit a center with patients that are mentally and physically challenged.  On this particular visit the AnixterCenter’s clients were the lucky recipients!

Throughout the year Geir Ness makes personal appearances in many Nordstrom stores in your area. Meet Geir Ness, the creator and designer of Laila in your area! For more info on what Geir is up to please visit:


Geir Ness Trunk Show at Nordstorm Hawaii


geir new handbag

Celebrity Fragrance and Handbag Designer Geir Ness, for a spectacular Trunk Show in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Saturday May 26, 2012 at Nordstrom from 8 AM to 1 PM to receive a free hand massage!

On May 26, 2012, International Norwegian fragrance designer and entrepreneur Geir Ness, will be in Honolulu, Hawaii to premier his newest handbag design at Nordstrom. With a compelling rags-to-riches story, Ness has utilized his talents to elevate his specialty fragrance as one of the top sellers at not only WordStar’s nationwide, but in Walt Disney World Theme Park and Disney Cruises as well. With an impressive roster of celebrities sporting his premier line of fragrances Laila and Geir Ness; both captivated an exclusive international audience while maintaining popularity through superb sales at high-profile boutiques across the globe.

Ness will feature his brand new super-hot handbag in addition to his award winning fragrance Laila and Geir for men. Hawaii’s Nordstorm will be the first exclusive store in the United States that will offer his newest limited amount handbag design. His last major design release at a trunk show in Europe sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Frequently appearing as featured guests on many television and radio morning shows, Ness has paved his way into a true inspiration and aspiration for designers.

Entertainment News with Sassy B: Amanda Baynes Slam Ru Paul

Backstage at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Colle...

Backstage at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. February 13, 2009 at Bryant Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



RuPaul is not taking any sense from Crazy Amanda Baynes.


Amanda Baynes slammed the RuPaul’s Drag Race host—and her own father—today on Twitter, when she wrote, “My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!”


RuPaul, in an attempt to remain classy and teach followers a little bit about psychology, responded with, “Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person’s own poisonous self-loathing @AmandaBynes.”


RuPal then topped it off with a joke that’s an oldie but a goodie (and kinda perfect in this situation), “I’m a man, duh!”


Girl! You better get your act together before you became the new Britney Spears with Craziness. RuPaul got nothing on these young ladies!


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