Fran Capo has a Birthday Wish

Fran Capo has a big birthday favor. As many of you know besides Fran being a stand up comic, and 6 time world record holder and adventurer she is also an 18 time author, and while her books have been successful they have not gone viral or hit the top of the Amazon reading list.

The way Amazon raises a status of a book is the amount of books sold in ONE day. (Not over time.) So if Fran sells 1000 books over two years, is not as important to Amazon as if Fran sold 100 books in ONE (1) day. That’s what counts to them.

People have asked Fran what she wants for her birthday and after years of writing and helping people write their own books and giving out free advice, Fran is asking anyone who likes her writing or what she does to please buy a copy of her e-book, “Hopeville: The City of Light” on Saturday July 27th. The book is only $4.95 and has a very powerful message and came to Fran in the most unique way which is explained in the forward of the book.

Fran was asked to let people to benefit from this message so she is putting it out there at a very low price so hopefully the word can spread. (You can buy one also as a gift to a friend if you like, hey the more the merrier.)


After you buy the book if you can go on facebook or twitter and say, “Just bought @FranCapo’s book #Hopeville the City of Light. Great message” or something to that effect it would be most appreciated.

Now here’s the thing, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN A KINDLE TO BUY THE KINDLE E-BOOk. Amazon has a free App you can download and read the e-book on your computer or smart phone etc.

Below are the links to the book and the app.

If for ANY reason you forget to buy it on Saturday July 27th (the day of Fran’s birthday party). You can buy it on Monday July 29th the day of Fran’s  real birthday. At least then Fran will have two chances for Amazon to raise the books in the ratings. Fran appreciates it so much and truly hope you enjoy the book.

Link to buy Hopeville the City of Light on Amazon on Sat. July 27th.

Or you can go to:


Go to this link to get the free kindle app.

“You don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books. Download one of our free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major Smartphone, tablet, and computer. That means with our free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. And of course, you can also read that same Kindle book on a Kindle device if you own one.”

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the book and will spread the word.

Testimonials for Hopeville.

Hopeville is the next Alchemist! It shows that no matter who you are or where you are in life you can light up another person’s life and in the process transform your own. And, trust me; transformation is what it’s all about. This book is a must have for anyone looking to brighten their lives.

Janette Barber
6 Time Emmy Award Winner, Best Selling Author, Sirius-XM Radio Host.


As a forth stage cancer survivor I learned how precious life is. I practice everyday the art of gratitude and giving with my Comedy Cures Foundation. This book teaches you through parable how to give, how to love, how to follow your dreams. It’s a simple beautiful book that was given to Fran from above. I hope the world embraces it. I love it.

Saranne Rothberg
Forth stage cancer survivor, CEO of Comedy Cures Foundation


I enjoyed “Hopeville: The City of Light” immensely. First this wonderful and talented author, Fran Capo, peaks your interest
With great stories illustrating the “the light” which can shine in all of our lives; then she caps off these inspiring accounts with
A “how to” guide containing simple but very effective ways for infusing you life with the warmth of this magical light. Once you
Read this book you will never forget it! You’ll take the light with you wherever you go! Thank you Fran!

Ted Isaacson, Master Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Retired


I’ve been following a spiritual path and meditating for more than 30 years, and I want to thank you because after reading Hapeville, I felt
So inspired and so full of joy. It made me want to live in my heart,
Connect with the Divine who lives within us all, brighten my inner
Flame and go out and do good things for people. And that was after reading just the first chapter! Your story is a brilliant reminder
That true happiness comes from within and that we all belong to one big family. I pray that millions of others in our world family will
Read your book so they can get the same inspiration that I did.

In gratitude

Ashrita Furman
Holder of the most Guinness World Records – 444 official Guinness Records

Fran Red Carpet USA Political Animals  copy 2


Fran Capo has a Birthday Wish

Fran Capo has a Birthday Wish Favor: 
Fran’s birthday is on July 29th.  She has written 18 books and although they are successful they have never gone viral. It would be wonderful if everyone would purchase 1 copy of Fran’s e-book, Hopeville: The City of Light on Amazon on Saturday. July 27th.
Amazon ranks books not by how many are sold, but by how many are sold in ONE day.
The book has a great message and came to Fran in the most unusual way through a vision which is explained in the beginning of the book. Help make Fran’s birthday wish come true! Remember it only works if you buy it on Saturday July 27th. If you forget the alternate date is Fran’s actual birthday on Monday, July 29th. 
Fran Red Carpet USA Political Animals  copy 2
The link to buy the book is:
It is also available on iTunes as well.

The Whitney Reynolds Show Launch Party

On July 14, Sassy B Worldwide Productions celebrated the launch  kick-off Summer Series of The Whitney Reynolds Show. It was a  Sunday Funday at Michael Diversey Tavern. A good time was had by all that attended the viewing party. The new season airs on Sundays on WTTW.  View the schedule for upcoming episodes,  

Bea & Whitney

CEO and President Beatrice Davis with Whitney

mary & Whitney

Booking Director, Mary Iwanicki with Whitney

We wish The Whitney Reynolds Show much success with many more upcoming episodes to follow! For more info please visit,

Christopher Sasha on Irmix Radio

“The only way you can succeed in life is to keep getting up and keep moving forward”Christopher Sasha

These words are by Christopher Sasha and the theme of moving forward runs rampant throughout Sasha’s life and career. On July 7, Marton Williams caught up with Celebrity  healthbodyologist, Sasha for an exclusive interview on Irmix Radio Network.  Christopher Sasha is the author of ,

“Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time“.

cover only

Clink on the link below to listen to this exclusive interview. Not only will you hear Sasha talk about his early days of being bullied to his modeling days for Calvin Klein but also what he’s working on now plus his current exciting projects!

Marton Williams is the host of the show. Irmix Radio Network based in Dallas Texas- Marton has interviewed many well-known celebrities such as Kurt Blow, Crystal Walker, Barbara Tucker, Who is known for her 1994 “Beautiful People”

Please check out the Interview with Christopher Sasha  on Irmix Radio,

Links to connect to Sasha:




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