Christopher Sasha on Irmix Radio

“The only way you can succeed in life is to keep getting up and keep moving forward”Christopher Sasha

These words are by Christopher Sasha and the theme of moving forward runs rampant throughout Sasha’s life and career. On July 7, Marton Williams caught up with Celebrity  healthbodyologist, Sasha for an exclusive interview on Irmix Radio Network.  Christopher Sasha is the author of ,

“Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time“.

cover only

Clink on the link below to listen to this exclusive interview. Not only will you hear Sasha talk about his early days of being bullied to his modeling days for Calvin Klein but also what he’s working on now plus his current exciting projects!

Marton Williams is the host of the show. Irmix Radio Network based in Dallas Texas- Marton has interviewed many well-known celebrities such as Kurt Blow, Crystal Walker, Barbara Tucker, Who is known for her 1994 “Beautiful People”

Please check out the Interview with Christopher Sasha  on Irmix Radio,

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