Fran Capo has a Birthday Wish

Fran Capo has a Birthday Wish Favor: 
Fran’s birthday is on July 29th.  She has written 18 books and although they are successful they have never gone viral. It would be wonderful if everyone would purchase 1 copy of Fran’s e-book, Hopeville: The City of Light on Amazon on Saturday. July 27th.
Amazon ranks books not by how many are sold, but by how many are sold in ONE day.
The book has a great message and came to Fran in the most unusual way through a vision which is explained in the beginning of the book. Help make Fran’s birthday wish come true! Remember it only works if you buy it on Saturday July 27th. If you forget the alternate date is Fran’s actual birthday on Monday, July 29th. 
Fran Red Carpet USA Political Animals  copy 2
The link to buy the book is:
It is also available on iTunes as well.

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