Sassy B Worldwide Productions is Hiring!

Sassy B Worldwide Productions Inc. is growing! We are a boutique entertainment consulting/production company with a diverse clientele. Our company is accepting applications for a public relations/publicity college intern for the Fall. The intern will work on creative projects and be part of the team. This internship opportunity will include learning all aspects of public relations working with traditional and new media as well as social media, (content creation, posting, tweeting, blogging).

To learn more about us please visit:


Photo credit by:  By Alejandro Escamilla

We are also hiring a Creative Freelance Booking Agent to secure speaking and appearance engagements for our clients. Ideally the agent knows the entertainment and motivational speaking market locally and nationally as well. Agent must be willing to work on a commission basis, end of year bonus based on performance. Our client base is diverse with a wide range of speaking topics. Would love to have you on board helping with biz development and securing speaking engagements for our clients! Please include your resume and join our team!

When sending application please include resume with Cover Page to:

office image

Photo credit by:  By Alejandro Escamilla


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