Sassy B Worldwide Productions is pleased to welcome our New Director of Project Development

Meet Sue Yan, our new Director of Project Development at Sassy B Worldwide Productions Inc. She is excited to be working on new business/project development and securing speaking and appearance engagements for all our clients.

Sue Yan grew up in a small Midwest town where her family owned a restaurant.  This enhanced her skills and knowledge to own businesses in the hospitality and service industry.  Wanting to live in a big city, she moved to Chicago working in major corporations as an inventory analyst.

As her career in the corporate world ended, she reinvented herself as a professional makeup artist.  Her work has been seen on the runway, fashion magazines, music and corporate videos.  After working with a celebrity fashion designer on a photoshoot, she realized her career path has been chosen. This elevated her passion for directing, producing, and organizing fashion shows and special events.  She has worked with Jerome Landrieu (Top 20 Pastry Chefs of America 2011), Blackbox (Emmy award winning band), Blue Balliette (New York Times bestselling children’s author), Steve Kaplan (New York Times bestselling author), Jacqueline Policastro (Washington Bureau Chief), Natalie Martinez (NBC5 Chicago), Jeff Conway (producer/host of 24/7 Chicago) and many more.

In 2012, Sue formed her own company, HK28, Inc., (President & CEO) – a boutique entertainment and event consulting firm.  Her current clients include:  VRW, Indimoor Films, Midwest Fashion Week, Live Out Loud Charity. Her alma mater is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she earned:  MBA-Strategic Planning and Organizational Behavior, BBA-Marketing, BA-Liberal Arts.

Sue is excited with her new role at Sassy B Worldwide Productions. For any questions and new business development inquires please contact Sue via email at

.Sue Yan


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