October marks a whirlwind of Activity at Sassy B

Scott Schmaren, a mind expanding expert, change facilitator, coach, speaker, and author is excited to be featured, October 15th on Celebrity English International by Alex Graham , http://celebrityenglish-alex.blogspot.com/

Scott Schmaren takes the stage @ the 30th Anniversary of the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference on October 18th-20th, – to offer 3 workshops. Overcoming Obesity, Programming Your Mind for Success, Panel: Success Stories! For more info visit: http://mid-americaconference.com/?s=scott+schmaren

scott knee 1

Christopher Sasha, enters the boxing ring in the Ringside for Mercy’s Sake on October 19th. The charity event is for the Mercy Home for boys and girls. For more info visit: http://www.mercyhome.org/ringside. Check out this article about what inspired Sasha to get in the boxing rink and give back to the community to support the worthy mission of the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls!



Geir Ness, rock star Norwegian celebrity designer will appear on the You & Me This Morning Show on WCIU with Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow. Stay tuned when the segment will air. Geir debuts a brand NEW handbag design, he’s making a special appearance at his trend show in Nordstrom at the Oakbrook Mall location. You can meet the creator and designer of Laila. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! For more info please visit:  http://www.laila.com/

geir new handbag

Sassy B Worldwide Productions is a proud sponsor of the 1st Annual Tour in Chicago for the Beauty In Beauty Out Tour to be held on October 26, at Catalyst Ranch. Produced by radio personality, author, motivational speaker and life coach, Traci S. Campbell, the Beauty In Beauty Out Tour is all about celebrating the “inner and outer” beauty of women leaders in our communities. To find out whom the outstanding women being honored are and the schedule for the Chicago tour click here: http://www.beautyinbeautyouttour.com/bibo-tour-chicago-2013

“The Beauty In Beauty Out Tour” was created to honor the best and brightest in female leadership across our country as a way to counter some of the negative images of women bombarding today’s media. Please come out for a great cause and see some amazing women being honored and receiving the “queen for a day” treatment they deserve,” explains Campbell.

A portion of the ticket sales will benefit the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project (www.champcommunityproject.org), a non-profit organization whose mission is to give supplemental education and support to at-risk teens and single parents. For more info please visit:  http://www.beautyinbeautyouttour.com/






-Traci S.Campbell, Founder


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