Sassy B Worldwide Productions is pleased to welcome our new Associate Manager of Creative Services

Meet Pelin Taser, our new Associate Manager of Creative Services at Sassy B Worldwide Productions Inc. Pelin is excited to be working with all our clients. Pelin is thrilled to be a part of the team at Sassy B Worldwide Productions.

Pelin Taser  was born in Istanbul, Turkey and received her bachelor’s degree in ESL (English as a Second Language).  After working for Turkish Airlines for 6 years she moved to US and worked as a manager in sales. She took the opportunity to work for United Airlines as a flight attendant in 1999.  She has experienced many international destinations and cultures until 2010. She took time off from flying and established her Tour & Travel Consultation Company in Chicago.

She worked with variety of committees of some events and festival organizations. She also represented variety of Turkish and European  Medical companies in trade shows. She is a tour guide and a certified medical interpreter.

Mrs. Taser states her life philosophy as follows:

“I love to accomplish challenging tasks. We only grow if we do the things we think we cannot do. We may not know every answer; however the answers are usually not in us or in others but in front of us. To make a difference in our society team work is very important.”

She is in the process of receiving her MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of management and resides with her Husband, who is an artist and an Industrial designer and her 11 year old son  who loves acting and modeling.

Pelin is excited with her new role at Sassy B Worldwide Productions. For any questions and inquires please contact Pelin via email at

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