Bomboard wins 2nd place at the MIT

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 May 22, 2014

Whitewater, WI: BomBoard Kick-Ass WaterKart wins 2nd place in the MIT Enterprise Forum whiteboard competition

 Image Anders Stubkjaer with Chicago Chapter Chair Nancy Munro

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Chicago held it’s annual Whiteboard Challenge competition on May 20th 2014 at the Art Deco Theater in the Civic Opera House.

The Whiteboard Challenge gives entrepreneurs 5 minutes to describe a business idea using only a marker and a whiteboard. 80 applications were narrowed down to 10 finalists from a wide variety of industries.

Anders Stubkjaer, the COO / CFO of BomBoard LCC, presented the BomBoard Kick-Ass WaterKart idea in front of a panel of judges and a packed auditorium. “We are extremely pleased with our 2nd place finish” said Anders. He went on to say: “This competition was more challenging because we were not able to show the videos of our prototype in action.” Still well over half the audience raised their hands when Anders asked if they would like to ride the BomBoard.

John Jonelis, the editor of Chicago Venture Magazine said: “Bomboard is the most significant recreational breakthrough in a decade because it represents the merger of Thrill and Athleticism with Portability and Affordability.  I want one and so do most people who find out about this superb craft”

BomBoard LLC is a commercialization stage startup company, who has invented the world’s only modular, high performance jet ski that can be transported in the back of a compact car allowing millions of city dwellers to own, store and transport their own watercraft. “We were able to achieve a breakthrough $3,495 price by utilizing new materials and drastically reducing the size and weight of the product compared to traditional jet skis.” said John West, Founder and CEO of BomBoard LLC. “The patented modularity and the world’s lowest price is a true game changer” concluded John West.

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Chicago is part of the MIT Alumni Association but open to any member of the entrepreneurial community. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide educational programs and services that promote and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of business and technology in the Chicagoland area.

The official Bomboard website:

The Bomboard overview video:

The MIT Enterprise Forum website:

For more information and investment inquiries,
contact: Anders Stubkjaer- COO / CFO, BomBoard LLC,
Office: 847-496-4385

The Bomboard management team is available for interviews




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