Jeff Conway interviews Woody Allen ‘Magic In The Moonlight’ EXCLUSIVE!

Chicago’s very own Jeff Conway, host of Social Chicago interviews Writer/Director Woody Allen while in Chicago promoting his new film ‘Magic In The Moonlight’. The film opened in theaters July 25, 2014. A Sony Pictures Classics film.

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Interview Credits:
Interviewer/Writer/Editor- Jeff Conway
Director of Photography- Dana R. Griffin
Production Assistant- Kara Larson

Jeff Conway

Jeff Conway

Social Chicago
SoChi is a weekly series that shines a spotlight on the people, places and things that make our city “SoChi.” From the hottest parties to the tastiest restaurants to the best “staycations” in town, SoChi is your one stop source for experiencing the pulse of Chicago. Join hosts Jeff Conway and Jillian Conley as they take you along for the ride to explore The Windy City’s biggest and brightest that will have you saying, “Now that is SoChi!”

Hosts Jeff Conway and Jillian Conley

Hosts Jeff Conway and Jillian Conley

Photo courtesy of Social Chicago
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BomBoard WaterKart Announces Participation in 2014 World Finals

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 4.17.54 PM

BomBoard  WaterKart Announces Participation in 2014 World Finals


Whitewater, WI – July 21, 2014 – Bomboard LLC is pleased to announce that they will participate in the International Jet Sport Boating Association (“IJSBA”) 2014 World Finals to be held in Lake Havasu, AZ, October 4 – 12. 

Scott Frazier, Executive Director of IJSBA commented, “IJSBA is thrilled when we can host innovative products at our World Finals trade. The BomBoard is the first innovation in stand-up style watercraft in more than a decade and can make a tremendous impression on the sport.” He continued “Introducing a more affordable high performance watercraft that can be separated in modules and transported without a trailer is a great way to introduce new generations into our sport.”

See the video:

John West, Founder and CEO of BomBoard LLC added, “It is a great honor for a new company, to be invited to show off our pre-production prototype at the unquestionably best jet watercraft show in the world.”

Anders Stubkjaer, COO and CFO of Bomboard LLC elaborated, “The BomBoard represents a whole new category of watercraft. We call it a WaterKart because it is like a go-kart for the water. Unlike regular stand-ups we designed the BomBoard to be easy for beginners to use sitting in a go-kart position or kneeling in a crouch position, but we will also challenge advanced enthusiasts who can apply “body English” in the standing position to power the 150 lbs BomBoard thru stunts and maneuvers.  

The Bomboard boasts the following specifications:

    1. Design: Four modules that snaps together in less than 60 seconds without tools
    2. Dimensions: 7’ long; 3’ wide; 20” tall assembled
    3. Weight: 150 lbs. without gas. Power pod module weighs 80 lbs. 
    4. Riding positions: Standing, sitting or kneeling
    5. Speed: 40+ mph
    6. Engine: Four stroke, single cylinder, OHC, balance shaft, EFI

The BomBoard will be displayed in Trade Show in their own booth and will have a staff of people to answer questions and get customers added to the already substantial wait list. The BomBoard will also be displayed on the water and in the popular Night Time Freestyle Show under the London Bridge.

About BomBoard LLC 

BomBoard LLC has developed the world’s only modular, high performance watercraft that fits in the back of a car and is offering it at the world’s lowest price of $3,495. The BomBoard offers 3 positions: Standing, sitting and kneeling for versatile use and goes over 40 mph. BomBoard anticipates to unit delivers to start in the spring of 2015.

Further information can be found at the Bomboard website:

For more information and investment inquiries,
contact: Anders Stubkjaer- COO / CFO, BomBoard LLC,
Office: 847-496-4385

Beatrice Davis 773-525-5744 office

The Bomboard management team is available for interviews




Reality Shows

Is it me, or are more crazy reality shows popping up? Don’t get me wrong, I love some good reality TV from Life Below Zero to 19 Kids and Counting. But The Real Housewives of LA, or NY— I just don’t get it. Please help me out here!
Tell me it’s because we have more time on our hands to watch such stupid shows. Or, is it becoming the norm, and the old-fashioned television format is slowly starting to dissolve? In its current form, television is changing to become more and more negative, and it’s losing the excitement to watch.
I remember shows like “Survivor,” that at least had some element of a game to it and gave a bit of a thrill, while at the same time giving us a glimpse of what total craziness in our world is out there.
Over the years reality shows have transformed and gone from fun and laughter to the absolute lowest common denominator — follow around a bunch of spoiled, dumb, rich girls and watch how they waste their lives; or, follow a low-income family that lives in a trailer park and spends all their hard-earned money on pageants and other silly, stupid activities.
What really gets to me is watching families be proud of this idiocy, lust for power, and stop at nothing to get it. They seem only to be guided by greed, jealously, money, power and mistrust; whatever it takes to raise the ratings and controversy, and most of all, money. These shows will continue to grow nastier and filthier with producers and directors having no considerations of people’s feelings.
Considering all these facts, can we step any lower into the real world with no return to actual reality?


Our question is now, “How did we get here and this low? Who is responsible for all of the reality garbage? “We the viewers, because we allow and watch it, or is it the networks? I honestly have no good answer for you at this time.

I, myself, can’t seem to stop watching some of these shows. But as mentioned earlier, I carefully evaluate and only watch the programs that I personally think have something to teach me or make me feel happy. Then again, that makes me part of the problem, and I can accept that judgment.
A few shows I watched in the past are no longer on my favorite list because they lost the sparkle of interest and got old. It became a routine of “I know how it will start, continue and eventually end. Period!” The shows I ended for myself are Dog the Bounty Hunter, Survivor and Amazing Race. Sure there are few more, but not worth mentioning. At this point, I stick with Life Below Zero, The Last Frontier, Dual Survivor, The Little Couple , My Sister Wives and 19 Kids and Counting! By the way, I do occasionally watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
I look at myself and ask “Why do I like these shows?” Each one has a special interest for me– either the controversy of living with several women; the difficulties of being little; how to survive; why would you live in an extreme cold environment and how big families manage to raise successful children on a budget.
But does my opinion really matter? I am just as guilty of raising the ratings, and as long as producers come up with new and crazy reality shows, we will all keep watching and making it part of our daily entertainment.

Scott Schmaren opening for the Dress for Success Summit & returning to the Howard Stern show

Scott Schmaren is honored to be the opening speaker for the International organization, Dress For Success at the annual Summit to be held in Washington DC, on July 20, 2014. Scott will present a 45 minute talk, titled, “I am a Success”.

Scott is excited to be a part of this stellar event sharing his wisdom and insights with all the attendees at the summit.
scott knee 1

Scott is returning to be on the Howard Stern Show in New York City on July 23rd at 6:45am EST. Tune in to see what’s in store this time around! Last time Scott hypnotized staff writer Sal Governale of the Stern show and took him way back….

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