Sassy B Worldwide Productions is pleased to welcome our New Director of Business Development

Meet Marija Simeon, our new Director of Business Development at Sassy B Worldwide Productions Inc. She is excited to be a part of the team and working on new business/project development for all our clients.

Marija Simeon was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. She became an entrepreneur in her early twenties, driven by a passion about life, people and the entrepreneurial spirit. To prove that women can be successful and make it in the advertising market, she took the next steps and established a marketing company. The intention of starting her own company was to understand people better and help them realize the best possible way to express their visions. Her success was more than she originally bargained for – after just a couple of years, Marija was working with top Serbian companies. In a ten year time span, she assisted over 200 clients. Using her success as fuel, she went even further by trying to take on more responsibility in collective well-being. Marija took her work in a new direction to challenge herself and expand her expertise and knowledge on a couple of projects that helped children to understand the value and importance of education.

Marija Simeon became an active member of NGO Ginko, an organization of promoting psychological, mental and social welfare for children and the elderly. The projects were supported by the Ministry Of Health in Serbia and had excellent results.

However, after 10 years, she had a new vision for her future, making it big in the United States. She has established herself over the past five years and has joined Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. as Director of Business Development. With her knowledge and expertise, the company will certainly reach a new level and achieve higher goals.

Marija has an Associate degree in International Marketing and Advertising from the Mega Trend Business School. Her perception about life and success that we can offer to society motivated her to explore spirituality and the conscience field too, so she has become certified in Law of Attraction Wealth.

In her spare time, Marija’s interests range from meditation, reading, exploring new food trends and enjoying cold weather and hitting the slopes to ski.

Marija is excited with her new role at Sassy B Worldwide Productions. For any questions and new business development inquires please contact Marija at:


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