Laila, The Essence of Norway by Geir Ness Launches New Bottle Design

Introducing Laila’s new bottle design has just been released. The fragrance gets an updated look but the formula of the fragrance has not changed. Laila has a new look but retains the same alluring fragrance. Laila is still fresh, clean & alluring. It truly captures the beauty and romance of Norwegian mountain wild flowers from which it was born. More information and photos can be found on the website, The new Laila bottle will be available at Nordstrom after Thanksgiving.

“If you want a little piece of Norway, come and try Laila, Norway in a bottle”, stated International Norwegian fragrance designer and entrepreneur Geir Ness.

Laila - new look but same alluring fragrance!

Laila – new look but same alluring fragrance!

With a compelling rags-to-riches story, Ness has utilized his talents to elevate his specialty fragrance as one of the top sellers at not only Nordstrom’s nationwide, but in Walt Disney World Theme Park and Disney Cruises as well. With an impressive roster of celebrities sporting his premier line of fragrances Laila and Geir Ness; both captivated an exclusive international audience while maintaining popularity through superb sales at high-profile boutiques across the globe.

Elite guests at the MTV, Tony and Grammy Awards are often offered as part of their gift baskets Ness’ ever-popular swag-handbags. Products offered by Ness are always adored as his ever- expanding collection has grown from amazing fragrances to deodorants, soaps, body creams, beauty treatments, and handbags. Annually, Ness’s exclusive handbag collection is an anticipated item as he launches a new handbag each year.

Frequently appearing as featured guests on many television and radio morning shows, Ness has paved his way into a true inspiration and aspiration for designers and entrepreneurs.

Geir Ness is available for exclusive interviews.

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