Norwegian perfumer Geir Ness of Laila, The Essence of Norway, special featured guest at Book Launch of Life Outside The Box

International Norwegian Laila Perfume and Skin of Norway creator Geir Ness attended the pre-release celebration of Life Outside The Box, by editor/writer/author Marilyn Wilson on January 21st in Vancouver, B.C.

The book launch was well received. Geir Ness was thrilled to be a part of it and have an entire chapter devoted to him about his life journey. Life Outside The Box is Marilyn Wilson’s first book, published by Influence Publishing.

Author Marilyn Wilson with Geir Ness

Author Marilyn Wilson with Geir Ness

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Life Outside the Box

Life Outside the Box

An excerpt from Chapter Three- Life Outside The Box by Marilyn Wilson.
“…A few acting jobs began to roll in. One movie role he particularly enjoyed was playing the part of a vampire. ‘I love parts that are so far away from who I am.’ He had to reach deep inside to create the character. The scene played out on the Santa Monica Beach at night. First, the vampire danced with the actress. Then he bit her on the neck causing blood to flow. The intensity he brought to the performance ended up frightening the actress as well as the crew. They thought he would actually do it.” ~

“Ness is a truly force of nature. He is the perfect example of the Law of Attraction. He has always believed he could achieve whatever goals he set – and he fully believes you can too. Add in the fact his parfum is named Laila in honour of his mother, his clients are like family to him and the extensive charity work he makes time for, and the die was cast. He HAD to be in my first book” ~ an excerpt from Life Outside The Box by Marilyn Wilson.

“Everyone has a story to tell – it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.” – Marilyn R. Wilson

Where can I find out more about this fantastic Book and get a copy?
Want to know more? Check out this link – which gives you a look inside and links on where to purchase.
On-line pre-sales have begun. Here are the links in Canada and the U.S. to online sites that offer the best price available as well as free shipping if combined with other orders.

In Canada –

In the U.S –
Barnes and Noble

Laila was the official fragrance distributed in gift baskets at the Grammy Award, Tony Awards, MTV Awards, and Miss Universe in Canada.

Laila Perfurm, Geir’s Men’s Cologne, and other products including Bath & Shower Gel, Natural Deodorant, Body Cream, Perfume Candle Trio and Dusting Powder Shimmer are available at Nordstrom, Disney Orlando at the Epcot Center – Norwegian Pavilion, Disney Cruise, Fred Segal in Los Angeles and exclusive specialty boutiques in the USA and of course available at

Frequently appearing as featured guest on many television and radio morning shows, Ness has paved his way into becoming a true inspiration and aspiration for designers and entrepreneurs.
Geir Ness is available for exclusive interviews.
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