“The Dark Knight” Part of the “Made in Chicago” Movie Series @ Auditorium Theatre

When I heard about the screening of “The Dark Knight” at the Auditorium Theatre, I immediately reserved my seat. This is a beloved movie that was filmed in Chicago in 2007. I wanted to see this movie and all it’s glory on the big screen again. I played a hospital patient as an extra in the movie. That is the scene where the hospital was blown up by the joker (Heath Ledger). The building that was demolished was the old Brachs candy factory on the west side of the city. They completely transformed the building to look like Gotham General Hospital.

Gotham General Hospital

Gotham General Hospital

Hospital blown up

Hospital blown up

photos courtesy of: http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Gotham_General_Hospital_(Nolan_Films)

•Dark Knight – Made in Chicago Movie Series – Press Release (3/6/15)-http://www.auditoriumtheatre.org/press-center/
In celebration of the Auditorium Theater’s 125th Anniversary, the “Made In Chicago”, movie series continued on March 19th. The Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University transformed into Gotham City, a free series that pays homage to some of the most iconic films made in or about Chicago. Director Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster hit, “The Dark Knight,” featuring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman and the late Heath Ledger as the nefarious Joker in an Academy Award® winning performance.

Through an online poll, Chicagoans voted for “The Dark Knight,” which was filmed in Chicago in 2007, wherein the Windy City served as the iconic backdrop for Gotham City. One of the most commercially successful films in the history of cinema, the 2008 drama pits Batman against his fateful nemesis, the Joker, a man determined to wreak chaos on the good people of Gotham. With the odds stacked against him, the caped crusader faces his most difficult psychological challenge yet, questioning his motives and whether he can save Gotham from the clutches of the city’s latest super criminal.

Guests were invited to descend upon “The Batcave” at 6 p.m. for a cocktail hour with Batman-themed drinks and to take photos taken in a comic book-inspired photo station.

Members of the Acrobatica Infiniti, http://www.aicircus.com/– The Nerd Circus (Bryan Talaga, Tosha Kindley, Mr. Spring and Tulga) make guest appearances as some of your favorite Batman characters in acrobatic displays of fun.









Photos by Michael Courier and Joelle Weber
As you can tell I had a blast at the pre-party and screening!