Geir Ness – A Mother’s Day Surprise

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During this time of year and with Mother’s Day weekend upon us our thoughts turn to all the Mothers we love and honor. Geir Ness is the perfect example of honoring his MOM!

Geir has a very special bond with his mother and wanted to show his love for all her love and inspiration. Geir named his first perfume after his mother, “Laila”. He copied his Mom’s signature without her knowing it, had it silk screened on the bottle and surprised her with it on Mother’s Day. The little boy, who went with his mom to the mountains years ago, was now able to thank her for her love and inspiration.

Mama Laila and Geir


Laila is the true essence of Norway, beauty, freshness and woman.


See what all the buzz is about- Geir Ness, the designer behind the fragrance “Laila”

Ahhhhhhh…the essence of Norway. Thank you tricky Epcot trolls! I even think about fragrance on Epcot rides! Blog post by

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