Meet Dr. Donald Arnette, Author, Speaker, Ph.D., Cardiologist, NFL Mentor, Philanthropist

Sassy B Worldwide Productions is excited to introduce our new client, Dr. Donald Arnette. Dr. Arnette is an Author, Speaker, Ph.D., Cardiologist, NFL Mentor, Philanthropist. Dr. Arnette is the First Ever African-American Male to receive a Ph.D. in any discipline from UT Southwestern: clinical researcher, Medical Liaison.

Dr. Arnette has penned his first book, “I Am Supposed to be Here”. Dr. Arnette’s mission for writing, “I Am Supposed to be Here” is threefold. First, to expand the perception of how the society of young people identify “success”. Secondly, to offer positive methods for dealing with those in authority. And thirdly, to impart effective practical concepts for overcoming personal adversity. More info can be found here, official website

Book signing:


Dr. Donald Arnette was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1973. In 1979, his parents relocated to the Dallas, Texas area, where he currently resides.  He attended the University of North Texas where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology in 1997.  Dr. Arnette went on to further his education and was accepted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. It was there that he also performed research projects at Yale School of Medicine. In 2005, he received a Ph.D. from UT Southwestern Medical Center, where he was the first African American male to receive a Ph.D. from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology (DCMB). His post-doctoral fellowship in Cardiology, with the department of Human Growth and Development, was led by Nobel Prize winning physicians, Drs. Mike Brown and Joel Goldstein.
Dr. Arnette has committed countless hours researching why cardiovascular disease is more prevalent in minority communities. From 2005 to 2007, he worked with the Dallas Heart Study and the American Heart Association. Dr. Arnette also led the Genetics of Longevity in African Americans Study. He has worked for major pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol Myers Squibb, Dendreon, and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. He currently serves as a Senior Medical Liaison with Amgen Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Arnette has professionally devoted his life to serving patients by helping to develop more effective drugs with minimal side effects.

Since 2010, Dr. Arnette has been drawn to motivational speaking and mentoring both the local youth and professional athletics in the Dallas metro area. He relates to his audiences by being transparent about his trying journey to success. His purpose is to change both the perception and reality of those who hear him. It is his drive for empowering and motivating others that commissioned him to write his first book entitled “I Am Supposed to be Here” – The Art of Dealing with Perceptions. In this book, he shares his personal story of triumph over adversity and  misconceived perceptions while pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

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Joe Sutton TEDx talk – Fearlessness & Attitude: A Millennial’s Journey

Joe Sutton was thrilled to participate in the TEDxTurtleCreekWomen Event in Dallas, Texas on May 29, 2015. Joe Sutton shared his journey as a young millennial in corporate America where he has been working at CNN since he was a teenager, and the lessons we all must learn as this large swath of young adults enters the job market. As Baby Boomers retire, not enough Gen X-ers exist to take their place, leaving Joe’s generation to take on more responsibility earlier in their career than any other living generation.


Joe Sutton began his career at age 15 as a volunteer meteorologist at the National Weather Service. A year later, he joined CNN. Presently, he is a news editor at CNN’s National Content Center where he handles wide-ranging editorial duties, which include managing live field crews and overseeing newsgathering in the United States and Canada. He has shared two Peabody Awards, for CNN’s Gulf Oil Spill coverage and CNN’s Arab Springs coverage in the Middle East and North Africa. Joe is a native of Atlanta. He graduated from Oglethorpe University with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Political Science.
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Aloha! Norwegian Fragrance Designer, Geir Ness, on Living808 show in Hawaii

On a recent trip to Hawaii, Norwegian Fragrance Designer and skincare creator, Geir Ness, visited the studio at KHON2 News in Honolulu!

Geir was delighted to share his interesting and humble beginning with the Living808 show host, Trini. Geir explained how he honored his mom by naming Norway’s first international Norwegian fragrance, Laila after his mother. Ness also introduced his newest skincare line, Skin of Norway to the viewers, available at Nordstrom, Ala Moana.

KHON2 news photo

Laila Perfurm, Geir’s Men’s Cologne, and other products including Bath & Shower Gel, Natural Deodorant, Body Cream, Perfume Candle Trio and Dusting Powder Shimmer are available at Nordstrom, Disney Orlando at the Epcot Center – Norwegian Pavilion, Disney Cruise, Fred Segal in Los Angeles and exclusive specialty boutiques in the USA and of course available on the official website: Geir Ness website

Frequently appearing as a featured guest on many television and radio morning shows, Ness has paved his way into becoming a true inspiration and aspiration for designers and entrepreneurs.
Geir Ness is available for exclusive interviews.
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Dr. Sandiee Peters Launches YouTube Channel: Life Journey of the Soul

Dr. Sandiee Peters is pleased to launch a YouTube channel, Life Journey of the Soul. Through her channel Dr. Sandiee Peters hopes to give others a deepened perspective about the soul and its purpose on the physical earth. Included in her videos will be insights she has gained via her Near Death Experience, extensive educational training, world travels, and experiences as a natural born medium. With each video, you will see the afterlife and the soul, in a very different and unique way. Here is a sampling of two videos:

To view more videos, click on the link and subscribe, Life Journey of the Soul

Dr. Sandiee Peters is the only known Paratransformologist. As a Paratransformologist, she provides a new therapy that integrates and blends eastern and western holistic philosophies, healing beyond transformation into well-being in everyday life. Her abilities, coupled with an intensive educational background, have raised her to a level unseen before. She is the catalyst tic philosophies, healing beyond whose insight and healing abilities inspire others toward a life of complete mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation beyond what they ever imagined was possible.
Although born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, during her childhood she was exposed to the spirituality and people of a variety of backgrounds. In the early 1970s, Sandiee’s visit to her mother’s homeland of Zimbabwe, Africa, spurred her gifts of the soul. It was not uncommon to be in the presence of witch doctors, who threw bones during psychic readings. Nights following the trip, her mother noticed and nurtured Sandiee’s abilities to see beyond her physical eyes.
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