Real Estate Trend 2016 – Food

A Real Estate Trend for 2016…Food!

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Shawn Sturges


We use trends to help us predict what industries, products, and markets will be hot over the next several years.  The Real Estate industry is no different when it comes to analyzing data trends.  Millennials have created a trend within the Real Estate market mostly because they want to be connected and therefore this generation has begun to migrate into downtown areas.  One aspect that has been predicted to create a Real Estate jump is food.

Marilyn Alva wrote an article entitled “Food Feeds Real Estate Development in Edgy Urban Areas” for Investor’s Business Daily on this very trend.  One noticeable location that she talked about was Durham, NC. About a decade ago the city seemed to be nearly desolate with most people living in the surrounding suburbs rather than in the downtown area.  Today the city has been revitalized with many restaurants, retail establishments, and entertainment venues calling the downtown Durham area home.  This clear revitalization is where we can see the fledgling food trend for 2016 begin to grow.

Desolate downtown Real Estate is prime for gentrification, and that seems to be the case according to Alva’s article.  At first glance many might ask, “Why develop in these areas that people have fled over the years?”  Often times the locations fade away due to many business’s moving operations to other parts of the country or world.  This leaves many without jobs which force them to migrate in order to secure work.  However, to an opportunistic investor with a vision these areas have the ability for a full make over, and can potentially be done for little investment.

In the case of Durham it took many courageous business owners to establish their startups in the downtown area which as we can see eventually revitalized the area.  Real Estate again took a foothold in the area when condo rental properties, and offices moved into newly renovated buildings as well as brand new properties began to emerge.  One reason for this trend is the millennial generation who has begun moving to downtown areas to both live and work.

We can see this potential trend affect a city like Chicago for instance because many tech companies have moved into the city and throughout the Midwest.  Tech companies that now call Chicago home have brought many employees with them.  They are a great industry for Millennials to gravitate towards due to the simple fact of technology being part of their life from a very young age.  Chicago is very eclectic with restaurants and entertainment venues found throughout the city.  The food trend that seems to be on tract for 2016 could provide an already vibrant city with more options in the near future for investors to find Real Estate potential throughout Chicago.

The Urban Land Institute and research partner PWC U.S. listed food as one of the top ten trends to watch in 2016.  Land in urban areas tend to be inexpensive and often times unused.  Restaurants with creative food ideas have moved into these areas which in turn jump starts the revitalization of those areas.  Areas in south Chicago have the potential for investors and new businesses to open up shop.  The food trend should be closely observed and Real Estate investors that capitalize on this potential opportunity can find themselves in the green and secure themselves as a leader in their industry.


The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling Premier

Synopsis: After surviving rigorous tryouts, six female actresses emerge to grasp the opportunity of their lives: becoming televisions next big all-female wrestling group “The Boom Boom Girls”. Their first scheduled bout: The big lights of Las Vegas.  With visions of future stardom ahead of them and the heartaches of a life of struggle in their rearview, the group hits the road when midway disaster occurs leaving them stranded in a dreary twilight town, colorless, backward. It’s apparent the town has a bleak history and many questions behind its vacancy, was it just the location and the scorching weather? Or is it the dark figure in the nightmarish birdman skin that keeps following them…


This film is part of the Woman Up Indie Film Festival The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling and premiers at LA Regal Live (downtown Los Angeles).

Here’s how you can support the film:

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Author of Powerful New Book on Race Relations in America Dr. Arnette

For Immediate Release

Contact:         Beatrice Davis, 312-933-5744 or

Author of Powerful New Book on Race Relations in America

Coming to Atlanta for Book Signing, Presentation

I Am Supposed To Be Here chronicles experiences growing up in Texas


Dallas—Oct. 14, 2015—The first African American man to receive a Ph.D. in Cellular Regulation from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center will be in Atlanta on Wednesday, October 28 sharing his story of the race-related challenges and perceptions he faced growing up.

Dr. Donald Arnette chronicles the difficulties and challenges he faced in his new book, I Am Supposed To Be Here. The book is a powerful examination of how, as a young African American, he was racially profiled by law enforcement and government agencies, leading to an unjust arrest and incarceration. His conviction was overturned following a lengthy legal battle with the state of Texas.

The release of I Am Supposed To Be Here comes as people around the United States are increasingly concerned at unfair profiling and targeting based on race and neighborhood. In his compelling narrative, Dr. Arnette speaks directly about negative perceptions and stereotypes in the hope his experiences will help others confronted with similar obstacles and challenges.

What:              Book Signing & Presentation by Dr. Donald Arnette, author of I Am Supposed To Be Here

When:             Wednesday, October 28, 2015

                        6:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.m.

Where:            Oglethorpe University (Trustee Room)

                        4484 Peachtree Road NE

Atlanta GA 30319

Who:               Open to the public

Host:               Joe Sutton, News Editor & recipient of two Peabody Awards

Entertainment, food and drinks will be provided.

Note to Atlanta Media:

Dr. Arnette is available for broadcast and print interviews before, during and after his visit to Atlanta.

Please contact Beatrice Davis at 312-933-5744 or to schedule.

About Dr. Donald Arnette

Dr. Donald Arnette was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1973. In 1979, his parents relocated to the Dallas, Texas area, where he currently lives with his wife and three children.  He attended the University of North Texas where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology in 1997.  Dr. Arnette went on to further his education and was accepted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. It was there that he also performed research projects at Yale School of Medicine. In 2005, he received a Ph.D. from UT Southwestern Medical Center, where he was the first African American male to receive a Ph.D. from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology (DCMB). Nobel Prize winning physicians, Drs. Mike Brown and Joel Goldstein, led his post-doctoral fellowship in Cardiology, with the department of Human Growth and Development.

Dr. Arnette has committed countless hours researching why cardiovascular disease is more prevalent in minority communities. From 2005 to 2007, he worked with the Dallas Heart Study and the American Heart Association. Dr. Arnette also led the Genetics of Longevity in African Americans Study. He currently serves as a Senior Medical Liaison with Amgen Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Arnette has professionally devoted his life to serving patients by helping develop more effective drugs with minimal side effects.

Since 2010, Dr. Arnette has been drawn to motivational speaking and mentoring both the local youth and professional athletics in the Dallas metro area. He relates to his audiences by being transparent about his trying journey to success. His purpose is to change both the perception and reality of those who hear him. It is his drive for empowering and motivating others that commissioned him to write his first book entitled I Am Supposed To Be Here – The Art of Dealing with Perceptions. In the book, he shares his personal story of triumph over adversity and misconceived perceptions while pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Arnette’s mission for writing, I Am Supposed To Be Here is threefold: To expand the perception of how young people identify success; to offer positive methods for dealing with those in authority; and to share effective practical concepts for overcoming personal adversity.

For further information, please visit


My Healing Session with Reverend Dr. Sandiee Peters

My Healing Session with Reverend Dr. Sandiee Peters!

By Bea Davis

Sandiee Peters

A few weeks ago, I was traveling to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the BIBO (Beauty In/ Beauty Out) Awards. Since I am not the youngest lady any more, I’m beginning to notice that travel, stress and other demands from work, seem to be having a negative impact on my health and overall well-being.

For the past 4 to 5 months, I have been dealing with nausea, dizziness, stomach issues, and lower back pain. Overall, I was feeling very tired and just exhausted in general. I knew something was not right so I went to the doctor. As a result, many tests were performed but none of the results revealed the cause of my pain.

I started to wonder if perhaps it was simply my imagination. Maybe an excuse to lay low and steer away from work along with clients. Since I thrive on stress and deadlines, I did not believe that was my issue. Perhaps, I was depressed and this was my body letting me know of issues that needed to be addressed. I felt as if I was just dragging myself through the BIBO Awards Event in Los Angeles. I was already prepared to hustle myself through the Las Vegas event. Reverend Dr. Sandiee Peters, my client and good friend, arrived a day early (she was nominated to receive one of the BIBO Awards). I explained to her that I had not been feeling well. She offered to extend a healing session towards me. Now consider, I did not go into details about how long this issue had affected me, nor how intense my sickness truly was at that point in time. I readily accepted her offer.

She asked me to lay down on the bed in my hotel room (another client of mine, Joe Sutton of CNN, was with us in the room and witnessed the whole healing session). Next, she placed her hand upon my forehead. All of a sudden I felt heat overtake my body. It got incredibly hot and I felt as if I was in an oven set at 150 degrees. This intense sensation was unlike anything I have ever felt before! I vaguely recall her voice and all I remember from here on was shades of purple and green moving throughout my mind, body and soul. Seriously, I can’t remember anything from here on, until I awoke again and felt like a new person!

Due to my lack of memory, I asked Sandiee, to describe what the healing session entailed. I even asked Joe Sutton, but to this day he is still so emotional about the whole experience he witnessed, that he said, “I can’t write down what Sandiee did!”

Here is Sandiee’s account of the healing session she executed on me!

First, I had picked up intuitively that Bea had been sick for a number of weeks with possible food poisoning. 

I asked permission to do a healing session on her with my energy work I have named Tamashí Therapy (Deep Soul Therapy& Relaxation). 

I first began my energy work near Bea’s head in order to infuse her with deep relaxation, which I felt she has needed for many years.

Once I set the intention of healing, the energy simply flowed from my palms, into her. My hands were directly on her head and face. The whole time I was using ancient symbols to deepen her healing. I also placed my hands directly over the point of pain after I held my hands above her body. 

Holding my hands above her body I could then allow my hands to be intuitively led to the origin point of pain and discomfort. I then placed my hands on her abdomen where the energy continued to flow. She mentioned feeling intense heat from my hands. This is an indication that I was at the correct spot of disease in the body. 

During this time Bea began to cry out multiple times, moaning as the healing progressed. This indicated healing on a deep spiritual level, of which she seemed to be unaware. 

From there I moved down her legs to her feet in order to ground and center her, creating a sense of balance in her whole being.

Lastly, I went back to her head and placed my hands on her window of clairvoyance/third eye and at that time she began seeing colors of purple and green in her mind’s eye. This was proof positive that the energy had been flowing and I at that moment was clearing her third eye of many of the life’s challenges she had been through in her lifetime. Very powerful! 

The energy will continue to flow throughout the coming weeks and Bea should feel stronger each day. 

This brief written healing session will give you, the reader, hopefully a better understanding on how powerful Sandiee’s gift and talent is. When I came back from my spiritual world, at least that is what I call it, I could not remember one thing. All that I can honestly say is, I felt like a new person! The sick feeling – gone! The nausea – gone! The diarrhea – gone! Lower back pain – gone!

I have never felt better and thanks to Reverend Dr. Sandiee Peters, I am feeling healthy again and my life has a new meaning and I am ready for new actions.

If you like to find out more about Reverend Dr. Sandiee Peters, or like to speak with her for possible sessions, visit her website

You will be glad and excited you did! Life is too short to not treat yourself with best this world has to offer!