The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling Premier

Synopsis: After surviving rigorous tryouts, six female actresses emerge to grasp the opportunity of their lives: becoming televisions next big all-female wrestling group “The Boom Boom Girls”. Their first scheduled bout: The big lights of Las Vegas.  With visions of future stardom ahead of them and the heartaches of a life of struggle in their rearview, the group hits the road when midway disaster occurs leaving them stranded in a dreary twilight town, colorless, backward. It’s apparent the town has a bleak history and many questions behind its vacancy, was it just the location and the scorching weather? Or is it the dark figure in the nightmarish birdman skin that keeps following them…


This film is part of the Woman Up Indie Film Festival The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling and premiers at LA Regal Live (downtown Los Angeles).

Here’s how you can support the film:

1) Tweet & post on Facebook about the screening Nov 5th, 2015 at LA LIVE Regal Cinemas!

Twitter: Support this film @THEBOOMBOOMGIRL @BIGHOUSELA Tix: @Woman_Up_Indie

Facebook: Our film, @TheBoomBoomGirlsOfWrestling   Tickets are available:

Please share and spread the word!


Ticket link: premiere-screening-ticket


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