BomBoard to launch largest Crowd-Funding in History


Contact: David Phelps, 435.819.0143 (mobile) or


Campaign is expected to be one of the largest ever in Crowd-funding History


Whitewater, Wis.—November 12, 2015—BomBoard™, the creator of the world’s first and only modular and portable personal watercraft, announced today it is launching a crowd-funding campaign on November 11 to raise more than $2 million and bring the craft to market.

The campaign launch comes two weeks after BomBoard™ received the prestigious

2015 NASA Tech Brief Create the Future Design Award – Consumer Products.

With its unique “pull it apart, put it in your car, put it back together” design, the BomBoard™ portable action watercraft has drawn rave reviews from those who have seen the prototype in action. With a target audience of active, independent and fun loving people, the crowd-funding campaign is a highly innovative way to bring the BomBoard™ direct to consumers.

“The BomBoard™ is revolutionary. It combines newfound freedom for millions to enjoy fun on the water with high-performance, portability, ease-of-use, and a small price tag.

You can take the BomBoard™ out on any body of water. It is simple to operate and understand. With speeds up to 45mph, the craft offers every rider, from beginner to professional, a thrilling experience,” said John West, the founder of BomBoard™.

“We’re going full throttle to bring BomBoard™ to consumers. That’s why we’ve selected Indiegogo, the largest crowd-funding platform in the world, to host our campaign. With their experience and the innovative, first-of-its-kind BomBoard™ design, we are quietly confident hundreds of consumers will want a piece of the action,” West added.

The BomBoard™ crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo is currently scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 11 and to end on Thursday, December 24.

Please link here for more information on BomBoard™ and the crowd-funding campaign.

For Media

BomBoard™ Backgrounder

Introducing the world’s only modular, high performance personal watercraft @ the world’s lowest price

What makes the BomBoard™ unique?


  • Ease: Four modules snap together in less than 60 seconds
  • Ultra low weight: Total weight of 165 lbs. allows small shifts in rider position to throw the BomBoard™ into thrilling maneuvers. Heaviest module is 90 lbs.
  • Portable: Fits in back of most cars—so no need for a trailer
  • Stores in small spaces
  • Great ride: An adjustable handlebar to fit three rider positions: Standing, crouching on your knees and kart style sitting
  • Speed: Powerful 450cc engine means rider can go 45 mph just inches from the water surface, putting the ‘personal’ back into personal watercraft
  • Affordable: $3,995

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