My Night with The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

My Night with The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

By Tamara McClure

What happens if you are offered a contract to be part of a female wrestling team and then they drop you, leaving you in smallish town in California on your way to Vegas? A) Use those wrestling moves to take out the person in charge, B) cast a spell on them, C) make a movie? If you’re Carolin Von Petzholdt you dust yourself off and make a movie! You write a script in 30 days, find an investor, and then get your film shown at a film festival in downtown LA! Now that’s what I call making lemonade out of lemons—you go, girl!


I first met Carolin at the Beauty In/Beauty Out event in North Hollywood this past September. She told me she was a filmmaker, but little did I know I would be attending the Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival to watch her film a couple of months later. Carolin is a lovely woman and obviously a go-getter.

The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling is a film about a group of six amateur female wrestlers who get stuck in a ghost town after their bus breaks down on the way to Vegas. They find more than they bargained for in this desolate remnant of a town, and they must fight to survive.

The first half to three-quarters of the movie shows the girls training and some tiny sub-plots, but the last bit shows their bus breaking down and them trying to survive the ghost town. There is sleaziness, campiness, and a good bit of gore, but there’s also heart. The acting is pretty good throughout and once we get to the ghost town, the film rolls along, albeit at a heightened pace and we are hurried through to the end. I wish the end had been longer than the beginning as I think there is a little too much time spent on characters that don’t matter or are not fully developed; however, the characters that we really get to know and the ones that make it on that bus are well developed and I genuinely cared what happened to them.


Overall this was a fun movie that I would love to see get distribution past the film festival. I mean, who doesn’t like a horror flick with a good bit of camp? Also, Carolin made this movie with a budget of $5,000—wait, what?!  Yep! And it was easily as good as a few other film festival offerings I’ve seen with, I’m sure, a much larger budget.

I would also like to plug the film festival, I thought it was great, a really cool experience! Plus, this was their first year and they held it at the Regal Cinemas 14 at LA Live near Staples Center. For all of you non-Angelenos, LA Live is an entertainment complex in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles—restaurants, concert venues, a hot spot if you will, so kudos to you Big House Los Angeles Film Festival for having the chutzpah to go big or go home.

Congratulations Carolin and The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, if this night was any indication, you’re going places, girl!


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