BomBoard Named New Sponsor of SND Film Festival


January 15, 2016



Three Days of Screenings and the Conferring of the Humanitarian Awards

    Serve as Pillars of Partnership

SND Festival’s 2nd ANNUAL Event to Take Place October 22-24, 2016

Chicago, IL [January 15, 2016] –The SND Film Festival and BomBoard, LLC today announced a new partnership as Product Sponsor of the festival. The international event — founded by John Sill-up — announced the dates of the 2nd annual festival, October 22-24, 2016, as well as the deadline(s) for submissions, available on Now in its second year, SND invites global filmmakers – from around the world – and extends its mission to showcase the humanitarian efforts of filmmakers, directors, actors, and other members of the film industry.


“BomBoard, the newest company on the technology horizon, developed one of the newest and innovative water crafts in the sports world. The product is geared towards fun, in addition to a new way to simplify storage, transport and costs. BomBoard’s motto is for innovation, culture and community – the same values that SND Festival expresses.”  As a sponsor, BomBoard provides additional support to raise awareness and money for humanitarian efforts, to enhance the Festival experience for all participants and guests, by way of a live online auction of a BomBoard signed by all film makers, presenters, judges and celebrity guests. The money raised will be donated to the Society of Notre Dame, to improve the lives of children of refugees in North America and Eastern Europe.

About the SND Festival
Founded by John Sill-up, this is the second annual film festival to the benefit of displaced children of refugees in North America and Eastern Europe. Live T.V, Internet & Broadcasting at the event will bring into focus the entertaining and charitable elements of the film festival. SND is also partnered with National Veterans Foundation and Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

About Bomboard

BomBoard was founded by John West who has had a lifelong passion for all things watersports (especially if it has an engine on it!) With its unique modular design and a total weight of less than 165 pounds total, the BomBoard will fit in the back of most cars. There is no need for a trailer as a single person is all that is needed to launch this clever water-craft into the water! Whether you are standing, sitting or kneeling, this water missile has you covered! All styles of rider comfort ability and ease of use has been tested. With a lower center of gravity, speeds of over 40 MPH and the sharp turns are totally doable… there is nothing like it! BomBoard also supports the Wounded Warrior Program, to ensure improvements of each soldier’s life.


Press Contact

Beatrice Davis

Sassy B Worldwide Productions



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