The Four “E’s” of Social Media & Real Estate


The Four “E’s” of Social Media & Real Estate


Shawn Sturges

Infinity Property Ventures, LLC


Today many companies are implementing social media into their business strategy for success in order to gain more customers.  Social media is more than just content added to specific social channels that the company has in operation.  The digital real estate should be utilized to its fullest potential, and they are the four “E’s” to social media that need to be understood to find success.


This is a simple concept to follow along with the capability of early implementation into your social strategies.  Create content that adds an entertainment value to fans and followers.  If followers find content entertaining the likelihood of them sharing and coming back for more dramatically increases over time.

Real Estate companies can provide entertainment through visual media by way of Instagram and Periscope.  Instagram through their many filters can spice up photos of various properties that are on the market.  Another great use for Instagram is to provide photos of the properties multiple rooms with a before and after photos which show what transformations are possible.  Periscope is a fascinating new social tool where the users can interact live during a broadcast session.  One great use is to take the property walk-through to a whole new level! No longer do interested parties necessarily need to be present for a first time showing, and furthermore the property shown can gain interest from other parts of the country or world.  Be bubbly, exciting, and be informational to help create entertainment.


One major pitfall that most companies face is the lack of engagement with fans and followers of their various social channels.  The main result of this minimal engagement is the   mere fact that the company only uses their channel to sell their services or products.  This quickly turns many people off which can cause slow or even stagnant social growth.

Real Estate companies should be able to easily engage with their followers especially when listing their properties on their social channels.  When potential clients follow these companies one reason is that they are either in the market for a home of their own, or in the market to find future investments.  When these individuals send direct messages be prompt with responses because this can lead to the liquidation of one or more properties in the company portfolio.  Furthermore, engagement leads to the company brand spreading beyond current followers with the potential to reach new consumer bases.  Another effective way of engagement with fans and followers is to comment on their own content.  This can lead to a spike in social traffic to each social channel that is in operation.


Build excitement for future events or products and this will keep people returning for updates.  The ability to maintain secrecy is often important in many companies but this does not mean that excitement for new products or services cannot be teased.  A new product for instance can be in the shadows where the outline can only be seen and then tease the product release date with a photo on Instagram which than can be pushed to Facebook along with Twitter.  Periscope can be used to interview celebrities that might be endorsing the product or service in order to increase brand recognition.

Real Estate companies can use these social channels to create a tremendous amount of excitement.  Periscope, as mentioned before, is a live broadcast social tool, so the company can use it to walk through the neighborhood to help create an experience to build excitement.  Twitter can be used to tease several new properties by simply stating the location of the property rather than just simply posting the listing to the channel.  Finally, a meme could be created that goes along with the properties in the portfolio.


Etiquette on social channels is just as important as during face to face meetings.  However, social media etiquette varies a little in the way that it occurs.  On Twitter, for instance, if a follower replies to a comment then reply to that individual to begin a dialogue.  When individuals take their time to mention your company in conversation, especially if they tag you in the post, a reply shows gratitude along with the value that is placed on their comment.  Sometimes in order to vary content it is great to become a content curator which means that others’ content is shared by you on your social channel.  The best practice would be to mention the contents’ creator on your social channel with tags which can lead to more visibility for your brand.



These four “E’s” of social media are by no means complete for what the possibilities are for company expression.  Although each company is different, follow these four main aspects to social media and watch the growth of each channel flourish over time.  Millennials tend to have this practice down since they have lived with these social channels throughout most of their life.  The social channels might change over time but these simple yet effective guidelines can provide a return on your investment if implemented.  Take time to research social channels in order to understand what makes them successful or unsuccessful then imitate them until you find your social voice.



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