JOBS Act Crowdfunding now allows everyone to make Shark Tank type investments

JOBS Act Crowdfunding now allows everyone to make Shark Tank type investments

Milwaukee, WI. June 29, 2016 – Until now only millionaires, like the panel on Shark Tank, and venture capital firms could invest in exciting new private companies. That all changed last month when Regulation Crowdfunding of the JOBS Act legislation took effect. “It’s about time a small investor can have a chance to invest in private companies and small businesses “stated John West, the Founder and CEO of BomBoard LLC.

BomBoard LLC is among the first companies to offer securities to the general public

utilizing Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding Rules and as part of’s ‘Lead VENTURE Network.’ “We chose companies where potential investors can easily understand the business and that we feel have potential for broad market appeal” said Kyle Clark, Managing Director of

BomBoard spotted a market opportunity to provide water sports enthusiasts with a new way to enjoy high-speed thrills on the water. Existing powerboats and personal watercraft carry heavy burdens of cost, ease and time to use and places to use, especially for the millennial generation living in urban areas. The company designed a compact watercraft that is ultra-light, fast and extremely maneuverable in a stand-up position made popular by other sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and wake-boarding — each have grown into billion dollar industries.

Priced at $3,995 the BomBoard is the world’s lowest cost performance watercraft. The BomBoard is also the world’s only modular performance watercraft that quickly separates into six modules, so it can be easily transported in the back of a car and stored anywhere. The company is also utilizing a technology enabled platform to sell direct to consumers making it far easier to see, try, buy and service the product compared to the traditional dealer channel used throughout the marine industry.

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