By Joe Sutton

Is it just a word that has little to no significance beyond corporate America?  Ha, I think not. It’s funny you see people all the time who lack the ability to be comfortable in their own skin and better yet in their appearance.

From my observations, people simply wake up in the morning and pick out their clothes during that time and barely give a damn about the presentation. Appearance is everything!  You should always care about how you present yourself to the world around you.  From hair, to teeth, to smell, duh clothes and shoes. It’s unfortunate that so many people have great potential to be the honey that attracts the bees.

But there are some people who just don’t care and can’t be saved.  I’m not mean…just keeping it 100. Confidence to me is being able to walk the street and own it and don’t give a rats tutu what people may say about your style –that’s right your style.

It takes confidence to be an individual and it takes nothing to be a follower.

I enjoy being able to go through all my closets daily and spend at least for me little time in picking out my attire, but that’s because I have the eye.  Now if you don’t have that ability – IT’S OK.  Start to look through your wardrobe and throw things on the bed and floor – then mix and match.  Create your stylish brand.  Sure this may sound OH SO BORING…But seriously, learn to appreciate not only YOU but the possibilities that exists when it comes to style.  Often times, when I tell my friends to explore this avenue, they are reluctant – but eventually, they start to come into their own (with assistance from yours truly).

Never try mimicking others style, it’s not meant for you.  Fashion is meant for ALL.

It’s like the dating game, if you can’t look a person in the eye and strike a conversation then, you will be left sitting at the bar or table all alone.  Your clothes are meant to be an asset and for me it provokes conversation.  Usually, it starts out as “Oh I like your look.”  Then take it and run…

So don’t let your lack of confidence in your style continue any longer.  Get your butt up and make a difference RIGHT NOW.

I dressed the way I do for ME and no one else.  I don’t do anything in an attempt to get attention, BUT it just so happens that I do, because I exude confidence in my style.

So take the challenge.

Joe Sutton

My client Joe Sutton, he wrote this piece and I loved it so much, I wanted to share with all of you.