Register Today for this Free online event! The What’s Percolating? Teleconference, February 4-7, 2014

The What’s Percolating? Teleconference is a FREE, online, 4-day tele-event. February 4-7, 2014. Peace, Passion, Prosperity, Longevity and more.

Hosts Gary Kobat, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and their special guests are bringing you over 20 hours of relevant and enlightening conversations from today’s foremost Longevity Experts, Spiritual Psychologists, Olympic and Professional Athletes, Best-Selling Authors, Feature-Film & TV Stars, Event Planners, and other leading Health & Well-Being Experts.

Whatever your personal or professional goals are, our entire team is here to assist & guide you to look within to improve all areas of your life. Join us February 4-7, 2014 to listen to any or all of these insightful conversations for FREE. The entire team of hosts and speakers are live on social media starting now!  Please tweet us and use #BestEverYou2014 and tweet conference hosts and media partners at @BestEverYou,@GetFoundFast, @GaryKobat@Greenskydeb @blogtalkradio.

Please refer to your teleconference registration information for complete twitter speaker access. All conference tweets are also located at

Hosts: Gary Kobat and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino. Direct link to website:

Featured Speakers: Dr. Margaret Paul, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., Kevin Sorbo, Noah St. John, Sam Rose, Michelle Phillips, Mitch Gaylord, Deena Kastor, Lauren Galley, JP& Heather Howell, Katana Abbott, David James Elliott, Deb Scott, Dave McGillivray, Shea Vaughn, Wendie Pett, Fred Cuellar, Debra Oakland, Dr. David Allen

February 4, 2014
Kevin Sorbo 
8pm pacific/11pm eastern
Kevin Sorbo is an actor, author and motivational speaker. He is best known for his leading roles in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda and Kull in Kull the Conqueror.

Kevin’s memoir titled: “True Strength–My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.”

Kevin Sorbo -  Keynote Speaker- Topic:True Strength

Kevin Sorbo – Keynote Speaker- Topic :True Strength

For further information contact:

Phone: 773-370-1005


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